Policy Brief Encouraging Policy and Implementation of Gender Responsive Social Forestry Management

Policy Paper | Designing Environmental Protection Fund (DPL) Grants

Policy Brief | Acceleration of Social Forestry and Forest and Land Rehabilitation in Forestry Development Planning

Policy Paper | Realizing Disability Inclusive Development: Policy Recommendations for RPJMN Preparation 2020-2024

Policy Brief | Synergy To Strengthen Resilience System In For Adapting To Climate Change In Blitar Regency

Policy Brief | Empowerment of BPD to Strengthen Village Democracy

Policy Briefs | Strengthening the Arrangements for Determining Traditional Villages

Policy Brief | Fulfillment of the Right to Population Administration and Civil Registration Services of Persons with Difabilities

Policy Brief | Optimizing the Function of the District in Empowering and Creating Self-Sufficiency of Villages

Policy Briefs | Strengthening Village-Owned Enterprises to Drive the Village Economy

Policy Briefs | Limited space for BPJS participants to talk

Policy Briefs | Unfinished Homework



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