Experiences & Working Area

Experiences & Working Area

Since it was founded in 1999, PATTIRO has developed numerous research, capacity building, technical assistance, public policy reform, model development of public service and community participation, and develop networking with Asia and international organizations.

Through network of PATTIRO Raya that spreads out in 17 regions, PATTIRO has been working in 17 provinces and more than 70 regencies or cities in Indonesia. PATTIRO main activities are program monitoring of government social assistance program, advocacy to government to support gender-responsive planning and budgeting, gender equality support in maternal and neonatal health program, promotion of transparency and accountability of oil and gas revenue, strengthening the community for freedom of information for the poor, capacity development for CSO in planning, budgeting and monitoring of public finance expenditure.

During this period, PATTIRO has cooperated with partners, such as donor organization, international NGO, local NGO, central government as well as local government in developing public service reform model, policy reform, and public finance management that favor more to public interests.

For its works, since 2011 until 2015, PATTIRO was awarded by the University of Pennsylvania, United States of America as one of best global think tanks in research and policy advocacy.

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