AIPD and PATTIRO Budget Analysis Training Held in Dompu NTB

District Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBD) is now no longer a state secret and shall be published. Citizens should be able to perform escort from start perecanaan to use towards pro.

Birth of the law on local government provides opportunities to the region to regulate its use. The Act also marked the opening of public participation opportunities that decentralization went well.

Australia Indonesia Partnership for Decentralisation (AIPD) in collaboration with PATTIRO, held a Training of Public Budget Analysis and Advocacy for Civil Society Organizations in Dompu, West Nusa Tenggara. The event was held over three days, the focus of study with co-related capacity building in public budgeting and budget control.

Gatot Sulistiono, Budget Management Officer PATTIRO, to RRI Monday (10/12/2012), said the training is important to make the CSO which is a civil society organization, to better understand budgets ranging from analysis and read the budget. He said the training was held for three days to increase the participation and representation of people’s planning, budgeting and monitoring of public expenditure management.

“We hope there is increasing public understanding of the process of planning and budgeting as well as an introduction to the various methods of monitoring the public service,” said Billy.

Meanwhile, the activities carried out during the three days, there will be more talk about the budget and public services. In this session, participants were about 20 people from all CSOs in Dompu will be more discussion about the various methods of assisted pembalajaran to society.

This activity is also expected to encourage local CSOs to focus on issues in key sectors of development dai. In order to enhance the role and become equal partners with government and parliament.

“Infrastructure such as education, health and physical insfrastuktur. We also encourage the existence of the action plan undertaken by CSOs to advocate budget,” he said.

He added that this could be studied with sharing experience to find solutions to common problems related to guardianship and planning at Dompu. As a result, it is also expected from this activity will be able to pass on to other areas with similar constraints. []