Jakarta Zonder of Autonomy?

Logo_HUT_DKI_486-okJakarta as capital of Indonesia again has celebrated its birth of the four hundred and eighty sixth. It’s a relatively an old ages. Jakarta is the pride of Indonesia.

This city has become a barometer of Indonesia development and progress. This anniversary of Jakarta is unique since it opened with flood problem that brought the Indonesian people figure out on how to improve Jakarta’s city management. Ahead of the preparation of celebration, we all were treated by “jokes” that come out from DKI Parliament member who intend to  interpellate  the governor Joko Widodo.

But, the suppleness of governor in dealing with this issue turned out to melt the intention of interpellation efforts. We’re also treated to the chaotic flood that requires extra power from Jakarta officials, particularly the Vice Governor Mr. Ahok that attracted public attention. Seems, this is what needs to brood over seriously for the sake of management development in order to further progress of Jakarta Indonesia

Special Autonomy Breakthrough

Jakarta now is lagging behind from Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok in many ways which the two cities were even behind Jakarta. This fact has not changed the nation’s willingness and ability to manage Jakarta Indonesia better. Should Indonesia wait to all ASEAN countries become “standing in the front” and then we are in haste after them? Sure, that’s not our choice.

We are very proud of the democratic values ​​that exceed other nations within ASEAN. But we are mired, even with just one barometer, which the progress of its capital. Jakarta is a window for Indonesia and other nations to see overall Indonesia .  If Jakarta seen worse, other nations will see of Indonesia tend to be bad, if not worse.

Speed ​​of decision making and implementation, which is the response of the dynamic environment is required keywords for Jakarta’s Improvement. Jakarta city is still relatively slow in the matter. Although it was regulated with specificity, this city was no more than other provinces because it is made with a degree and form of the provincial autonomy.

Provinces with specificities, that’s a decision-making process packs and its implementation for the Jakarta citizens who live in. Packs of specificity only a pack only. This city still headed by the governor that was almost the same with other governors in all provinces in Indonesia although the challenges and dynamics of the city is very contrasting. This city also equipped with state financial system and the state civil service system similar to other provinces in Indonesia.

What made ​​it special, only one, namely the counties and municipalities in the autonomous alias below are not placed in the province of its autonomy. So the bigger autonomy. However, the design and behavior of the same autonomy as other provinces. Joko Widodo desperately to overcome a matter of flooding, traffic, and trash with autonomous behavior as above. Maybe before serving as governor, he already knew those problems.  However, because of the mandate, it must still be lived.

Also the governor of Jakarta is no different from any other governor,  even with doors direct election Jokowi successful entry into governor of DKI. There is no relationship between the improvement in the state of Jakarta with direct election mechanism. Jakarta needs that fast-paced and accurate process. Jakarta cannot be 100% independent in dealing with it’s ​​problems.

Jakarta also need a breakthrough not just an institution that is still preserved. Although not just autonomy, does not mean no government. Jakarta still has the typical as city government. Jakarta is the resultant desire of Indonesia, not just people with domicile in Jakarta. Jakarta residents will not be able to overcome the city problems alone.

Jakarta does not need to be a leader drawn from the process of direct election. Jakarta need with figure countervailing power between the various parties desires nationwide. Direct election only makes Jakarta’s financial burden and swell. Jakarta now only become the butt of barons and will continue to be a stage for transactional. Direct election is only a measure of national political players that want to be presidential contest.

Jakarta sooner or later it will be forgotten by those players. If it remains stick with direct election, Jakarta will continue to suffer. Political process and the city administration will remain sluggish and not strong enough to face national and international players. Mafia city is increasingly powerful. The moment of Jakarta‘s anniversary this year should become the size of Indonesia, we should think out of the box in order to be rated as a nation to overcome the complexity of the problems that slow its capital.

Guru Besar Tetap Ilmu Administrasi Publik FISIP-UI dan
Anggota DPODRI, Board dari PATTIRO            




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