PATTIRO Short Message Technology in Three Areas Start To Function

IMG-20151002-WA0018By: Didik Purwandanu

One of the head of Community Health Center visited us who bothered with society’s complaint,”said Director of PATTIRO Surakarta Andwi Joko on Tuesday (1/2). This is related to SMS application usage developed by PATTIRO in collaboration with Health Department of Surakarta named pusat Aduan layanan Kesehatan (PANDAN) sms application. Head of Health Center’s action had occurred after complaint about health center closed their services at 11.15 am, while it should open until 12 noon.

These event become one of the evidences of functioning short message technology initiative with main menu complaint and this information, inaugurated on last October 2, 2015. More than one hundred and fifty incoming messages to SMS PANDAN server placed in Health Promotion Room, The Department of Health Office. From the server, the message forwarded to the Head of Health Department, entire of The Head of Division, and the Head of Information System.

Not only in Surakarta, health service improvements particularly in Community Health Center also began in Jeneponto district, South Sulawesi. Since it was established in last October 3 2015, more than 350 incoming messages to SMS server named Layanan Informasi Kesehatan Masyarakat Turatea (LONTARA). The majority of incoming message contains society’s complaint, and the rest of other menu; there are Intensive, Information, and Data (Gawat, Informasi, dan Data). Due to the existence of this application, The Department of Health Jeneponto district can respond quickly for each complaint and report from their societies. Based on the experience of community health sub-center in Jeneponto, when community health sub-center building damaged by large-tree, the next day after incoming message from society, the representative of the Head of Health Department Jeneponto district arrived in the location and sending improvements of health department sub-center recommendation has been input into the 2016 budget document year.

Semarang districts has another way. Some inputs are discussed in Multi-Parties Forum has begun to respond, for example procurement of blood sugar-check test kit and Integrated service Post (Posyandu) in Kalongan Village, East Ungaran district already financed using village funds. In this region, Semarang government decided to use name Mandiri Tertib Sejahtera-Statistik (Matra-Stat) SMS, with 4 menus like in Jeneponto and Solo, such as complaint, intensive, info and data menu. Since operated on last 6 October, SMS MATRA-Stat received approximately 200 messages.

Society also support in distributing information about the importance of involved in the platform usage. Health workers, community leaders, and stakeholders of Desa Siaga also assist PATTIRO activists to impromptu visit to the village, socializing and pasting posters. As new initiatives that have been running for 2 months, this platform needs to be developed. For example, data menu contain in these application should improve in order to integrate and change manual data collection instrument that had been done by village midwife. Due to transition still in progress, many midwives feel they have additional job. Other development opportunities, for instance this application can create based on website and can more easily and rapidly accessible to entire stakeholder so that in the future this application can be used as a reference in the decision-making process.




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