Staying in the Top Global 40 of the 2018 Global Think Tank, PATTIRO Commits to Improve Research Quality

2018PageTinkTankLast January, the Lauder Institute of the University of Pennsylvania issued the 2018 Global Think Tank Index report. This report lists the influential think tanks in the world. In the midst of tighter competition with the increasing number of think tanks, PATTIRO as a research and advocacy institution in Indonesia is again included in the list in the 34th position of the 67 institutions included as the Top Transparency and Good Governance Think Tanks.

PATTIRO Director, Maya Rostanty, said that the achievement showed PATTIRO’s achievements in the international community. ”We are grateful that PATTIRO stayed in the top 40. With the recognition of PATTIRO as a world-level think tank, it shows that PATTIRO’s performance is recognized internationally,” said Maya.

Maya added, to maintain these achievements PATTIRO was faced with a considerable challenge, one of which was the quality of research results. ”We realize that maintaining this achievement in the international level is a pretty tough challenge for us, one of which is how we continue to maintain and improve the quality of knowledge products and policy recommendations that we produce,” added Maya.

“We hope that the knowledge products and policy recommendations that we produce can be a reference and can enrich science in Indonesia, and be used as a reference by the government in formulating policies,” Maya said.

The annual index report, which includes more than 1900 institutions and experts also included names of other organizations from Indonesia, such as the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW), and other research institutions.

“Congratulations to CIFOR, ICW and other institutions for their achievements, hopefully they can be encouraged to work and contribute to Indonesia,” said Maya. (FM)




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