2012 Annual Report (Synergize The Action Lead The Change)

In 2012, PATTIRO starts a new role from organizer for program activities which are grantee in nature to implementing partner for the donor’s project.

PATTIRO work as implementing partner for AIPMNH (Australia Indonesia Partnership for Maternal & Neonatal Health) at NTT’s mother and children health
program has marked that change of role. PATTIRO also becomes AIPD (Australia Indonesia Partnership for Decentralization)’s implementing partner at the
CATI and the CSO Strengthening programs in five provinces of AIPD’s working regions.

The additional new role has changed PATTIRO’s work rhythm. There are strict schedules, obligation to follow the donor project’s design and less latitude, making PATTIRO become used to less latitude and strict working system.

Nevertheless, the additional role is conjunction with efforts to reform and to modernize PATTIRO. Strict schedule, less latitude, and strict working system have resulted output-oriented performance because of following-strict-timeline requirement.

In the meantime, the additional role has broadened more advocacy room for PATTIRO. If all this time PATTIRO only focuses on local level, then by 2012 it starts
playing a role at national level.

The gender-responsive budget (ARG) implementation, in collaboration with four ministries/institutions, has built confidence that PATTIRO is capable of doing
advocacy at national level. This is indicated by the role that PATTIRO plays in Gender-Responsive Planning and Budgeting Implementation Guidelines (Juklak
PPRG) preparation as accelerated implementation of gender mainstreaming national strategy.

Also, PATTIRO prepares strategic plan (Renstra) to ensure its position in the future. PATTIRO wants to increase its influence on policies at national level. Sustainable development of tool from implemented program that is applicable to other programs is PATTIRO’s main objective. The important impact of the implementing activities is that PATTIRO is able to produce additional outputs beyond the planned ones and to inspire others to replicate PATTIRO’s programs.

PATTIRO expresses gratitude working partners such as USAID, AUSAID, HIVOS, The Asia Foundation, Ford Foundation, and other donors, that have given funding supports during program implementation and completion in 2012.