Policy Note # 1, 2014 | Economic Policy of Nationalistic Presidential Candidates and Traps of Foreign Financing

For the upcoming National Election of President and Vice President, on July 9, 2014, we are faced with two tickets. Both have been officially designated as a candidate for President and Vice President by the Commission. Both of them have also obtained the serial numbers of each candidacy.

Prabowo Subianto and Hatta Rajasa obtained the serial number of one. While Joko Widodo and Jusuf Kalla got the serial number of two.

Beside having officially set and obtained the serial number, the two tickets had also submitted documents of vision and mission. The Commission had also held two rounds of debates and in these forums, both candidates presented the what and how to run their vision-mission.

In order to provide references and perspective on vision-mission of the two candidates, PATTIRO has conducted an assessment, especially regarding the agenda and economic policies of both candidates. This assessment is outlined in the Policy Note # 1, 2014, as the following attachment.

This working paper presents the assessment of candidates' vision-mission against the two fundamental economic issues, namely the issues of investing climate and food tenacity, including the issue that underlies both of them: financing for sustainable development.

The investing climate sectors that were reviewed by PATTIRO are the infrastructure, administrative services, wage / labor, energy supply, and intellectual property rights. While on the issue of food tenacity, the sectors reviewed are trading deficiency and extension of agricultural land. Lastly, the issue of financing for development reviews the aspects of domestic loans, foreign loans, the stability of exchange rate and inflation, also subsidies of energy.

This paper closes its review with a reminder of the threat of foreign financing traps needed if the economic policy and agenda of both Presidential candidates are to be realized.

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