BOS: Mandate Consistency, Sustainability and Accountability

Implementation of the mandate of the constitution, the 1945 Constitution and the legislation on compulsory education is necessarily carried out seriously by the Government. And this is shown by the high value of the budget allocated to this area. One of the flagship programs in education is the Operational School Assistance Program.

Since its implementation in 2005, the BOS program always is in the process of continuous improvement. Good improvements to the system / mechanism, requirements, and provisions. Even the unit cost or at nominal value increases in the state budget. And this government kesungguh-real enough from the occurrence of visible changes in policy, in each year. However, although there has strived to provide and maintain this policy and with good BOS program, and in accordance with Good Governance framework, the government is not even able to or managed to find an exact formula, which is compatible between BOS program with fiscal decentralization system running.

In addition, there are some policy gaps that occur scalable rules of the game (rule of law) and scalable implementation. Some gaps or gaps that have successfully identified in this report.

The findings gap / gap consisted of 8 cases, the problems associated with consistency, sustainability programs, and public accountability for the planning, implementation, and accountability of the BOS program. The third type of problem spread and fill the whole part of the gap to eight findings.