CATI Dompu Activists, NTB Win Handayani Award


CATI Program Public Agency Facilitator for Dompu District, Nursyamsiah received the Handayani Award along with four other individuals. The Handayani Award is an award given by the Government of Dompu Regency to individuals who are considered to have made a lot of contributions to the development of education in Dompu Regency. The Handayani Award is routinely given on the commemoration of Education Day every year. The scoring system for getting this award is no longer an interview or written test, but rather an assessment of the character’s contribution, including his dedication to the advancement of education in Dompu, NTB.

“I am fully aware that this award given to me cannot be separated from my activities in carrying out the CATI program in Dompu. Therefore, with all humility I dedicate this award to the entire CATI team,” said Nursyamsiah.





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