Local Government Law Fortifies Regional Heads from Lawsuits


Metrotvnews.com, Jakarta: Law (UU) No. 32 of 2004 concerning Regional Government (Pemda) is considered to hamper the performance of law enforcers in eradicating corruption.

Sad Dian Utomo, executive director of the Regional Research and Information Center, believes the law is strong enough to protect regional heads (Kada) from investigations by law enforcement.

Dian said, there are two stages that must be passed by law enforcers to deal with regional head corruption cases based on the law.

“First, law enforcers must obtain written approval from the President when conducting inquiries and investigations. Second, they must also obtain written approval when detaining,” said Dian in her official statement obtained by Metrotvnews.com.

The two stages are contained in article 36 paragraphs 1 and 2 of Law no. 32 of 2004 concerning Local Government. Dian also said that the multi-layered fortifications would make regional heads comfortable and safe to commit various violations of the law.

“The law actually makes the deterrent element of law enforcement against regional heads reduced and not even taken into account at all. In the end, they are engrossed in committing acts of corruption, abuse of authority, and or money laundering,” concluded Dian. (Quoted from metrotvnews.com. Tuesday, May 21 2013, UU Pemda Membentengi Kepala Daerah dari Tuntutan Hukum)




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