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Freedom of Public Information Commissioner 2013-2017 Period Was Selected in the Closure Process


 uji-kipThe election process of Information Commission 2013-2017 period has ended. Based on the feasibility and proper test (Fit & Proper Test) which is conducted by  Parliament where finally elected seven names, including Abdulhamid Dipopramono, Dyah Aryani Prastyastuti, Evy Trisulo Dianasari, Henny S Widyaningsih, John Fresly (government representative), Rumadi (government representatives ) and Yhannu Setiawan.

According to FOINI observations  toward the selection process from Election Committee ( Pansel) until the election in the House, we are assessing the situation which has damaged the closure nuanced spirit of openness, including; First, the Ministry of Information and Information Technology ((Kominfo) never announced the 21 candidates for the final selection results conducted by Election Committee ( Pansel  ) to the public.

Second, the President disregard because he delayed submitting 21 names of candidates to the House of Representatives until the deadline of the Central Information Commission term ending 2009-2013. This delay causes the dispute cases handled by Central information Commission abandoned.

Third, the process of selection of Commissioners candidates 2013-2017 periods held in private. Based on the observation of the election made by the House of Representatives (Commission I) through deliberation and consensus mechanisms, FOINI Coalition regrets the closure process. Without any Consideration and explaining the reasons for each candidate whether elected or not  to become a member of the Central Information Commission.

We assessed the election as if wrapped deliberation and consensus is actually nothing more than choosing a cat in a sack which is based on the interests of the party elite alone without considering the capacity, credibility and integrity of the candidates.

Then apart from that, of the seven winning candidates were more dominated by “new people”. Although there are several representatives from several Regional Information Commission, but has not been proven their experience and performance in addressing the closure issues of information on the area e. It is estimated that the Central Information Commission will move from point zero again. The lack experienced of Commissioner members are in dispute resolution and institutional strengthening of information management systems and public information services become severe challenges in running  Freedom of Public Information Commissioner  (KIP)  this period.

Various other challenges that will be faced by the Central Information Commission in the future, including: the increasing trend of public information disputes, the establishment of Provincial Information Commission, the 2014 Presidential election and political moment. Staring at these challenges, it is important for the member of Freedom of Public Information Commissioner  2013-2017 period to immediately consolidate and formulate a road map for the next four years.

Jakarta, June 27, 2013


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