Citizen Budget Design Training

APBD1-hiDuring this time only few local government (Pemerintah Daerah) undertake APBD socialization as a form of budget transparency. In fact, the socialization of the budget to the public becomeĀ  Local Government (Pemerintah Daerah) mandatory as mandated in PermendagriĀ  No. 59 of 2007 section 116 concerning the management of the budget. Still there are many Local Government (Pemerintah Daerah) seeingĀ  that state budget is a secret document, but in some areas this paradigm has begun to change with the Law No. 14 of 2008 concerning Freedom of Public Information.

As an effort to promote budget transparency in regional level which is understood easily by the public, PATTIRO through the CSO assistance program supported by AIPD conducted Training on Publications Making user-friendly budget. This training has been conducted in 3 provinces, namely NTB, NTT, and West Papua. In the near future this training will be held also in two other provinces, Papua and East Java.

This training provides an understanding and knowledge to the CSO network and local governments on how to make a citizen budget contains budget information that is easily understood by citizens. Citizen Budget which will be made by the CSO network is in the form of posters and pocket book budget.

Posters and paperback book budget by CSO networks is the first step to encourage transparency and accountability of local budgets, expected future budget publication is replicated by the local government.