PATTIRO’s Annual Report Year 2012

Annual Report 2012In 2012, PATTIRO managed to finish its entire works in three focus areas, public service, public policies, and public finance management. Through the works PATTIRO conducted throughout the year, we tried to improve the quality of public service the government provided for the citizens, create governance reform, and ensure the realization of social welfare in a more modern and effective way. In 2012, PATTIRO succeeded to achieve many great results.

In the focus area of public service, Water SMS Program PATTIRO conducted, in 2012 had reached the process of collecting data and information about the needs of the citizens and water management service provider. We are now trying to scale the program so that in the first semester of 2013, we could launch the SMS Water website and implement it as one of pilot projects we conducted in two big cities in Indonesia, Makassar, South Sulawesi and Malang, East Java.

In focus are of public policies, PATTIRO had finished conducting the Strengthening Integrity and Accountability Program Phase 2 (SIAP-2), which generated various recommendation for the government. PATTIRO created those recommendations based on findings on the field during the program implementation. The recommendations could be used to improve the implementation of social assistance provision to the community in the future. In addition to that, PATTIRO also published a book entitled “Multi Stakeholder Social Audit”. Anyone could use this book as guidance in conducting an audit of social assistance program implementation the government held.

Still in the same focus area, Acceleration of Gender Responsive Budget Implementation Program PATTIRO conducted also gave positive contributions to the communities. Four ministries/agencies started to use the Implementation Guideline of Gender Responsive Planning and Budgeting PATTIRO created as guidance in creating a more gender responsive budget.

Regarding public information disclosure issues, in 2012, PATTIRO conducted Community Access to Information (CATI) Program and Support to Civil Society Organization Program in five provinces in Indonesia as the implementing partner of Australia Indonesia Partnership for Decentralization (AIPD). In CATI Program, PATTIRO succeeded in encouraging the government to choose some of public officials to be the Commissioner of Regional Information Commission and Documentation and Information Management Officer in several areas where AIPD worked in. Furthermore, in some areas of CATI Program, in order to increase the citizens ability to access information and conduct regular dialog with public agencies, PATTIRO also managed to provided various training and assistance to the communities as well as facilitating them in accessing information from the public agencies. Moreover, in the implementation of Support to Civil Society Organization Program, PATTIRO had successfully conduct baseline survey and mapping to find out the ability and capacity of each organization. We also create a network consisting of those organizations.

In the third focus area, public finance management, in 2012, PATTIRO provided trainings on public finance management to various civil society organizations such as training on local budgeting and planning training, monitoring public budget expenditure. We also assisted them in analyzing local budget (APBD) and conducting budget advocacy.

Those program implementations achievements show that PATTIRO are still capable and accepted by our partners.

The whole program and its achievements, as well as other activities PATTIRO conducted throughout the year are compiled in an annual report. We hope, our annual report year 2012 would be able to provide detailed information to the public, and our network and partners, including donors.

Click the link below to download the full .pdf  version of PATTIRO’s Annual Report Year 2012.


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