West Lombok 2013 Local Budget Analysis Result

Addressing the local budget utilization in West Lombok since 2010 – 2013, there are many things that need to be analyzed and examined together with hope that the budget utilization can be improved and better managed in the future.

This analysis is part of the process to make it easier for the public to understanding the local budget. This effort is done to encourage public participation in budgeting process. Furthermore, budget transparency effort is a non-separable part so that the local budget becomes a part of document that is open to public.

This analysis is expected to become one of the references for policymakers or local budget formulation in West Lombok. It is hoped that this could be an additional reference for policymaker and local budget formulation to make a better local budgeting with wider and more thorough improvement scale, more systematic and comprehensive. West Lombok 2010-2013 budget analysis and examination provide general profile of local budget and specifically discuss the health sector.

At the end of this analysis report, several recommendations are presented for program and budgeting in the health sector.


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