Dompu 2013 Local Budget Analysis Result – Health Sector

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The Health Agency, as one of the Local Government Working Units (SKPD) in Dompu Regency, has conducted budget planning by referring to the existing regulations. However, it does not necessarily mean that it has been able to fulfill the needs of the stakeholders especially the poor, both men and women. Therefore, it is very necessary to conduct an analysis on the local budget particularly the health sector to see the actual budget allocation and to provide feedback for budget plan that is pro-poor and gender-responsive for year 2014 and beyond.


The purpose of drafting and analyzing the policy brief are:

  1. To assist Dompu local government to improve health policy to be more public interest-oriented;
  2. To recommend a program health plan that is concerned in handling malnutrition cases in Dompu;
  3. To analyze and provide recommendation for budget allocation from economic, efficiency, effectiveness and performance-based perspective, of budgeting actors in two health sectors;
  4. To create pro-poor good governance in Dompu.