North Lombok 2013 Local Budget (APBD) Pocketbook

buku-saku-Lombok-utaraHealth and education budget information pocketbook is an actualization of local government’s commitment for budget and policy transparency. Through this book, the public receives the correct information so that they can see their local government performance particularly in local budgeting in North Lombok.

Local government budget (APBD) is conducted transparently and responsibly and is utilized primarily for the welfare of the people.
To be more specific, the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia mentioned citizen’s rights to budget are:
Chapter 31 verse (4) “The State shall prioritize education budget of at least 20% of the State Budget and of the Local Budget to fulfill the needs of implementation of national education.”
Chapter 34 verse (1) “Impoverished persons and abandoned children shall be taken care of by the State.”
Chapter 34 verse (2) “The State shall develop a system of social security for all of the people and shall empower the inadequate and underprivileged in society in accordance with human dignity.”
Chapter 34 verse (3) “The State shall have the obligation to provide sufficient medical and public service facilities.”


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