Policy Note: Questioning the Objectivity Of BPK Investigative Audit on Hambalang

The construction of the Hambalang National Student Sports Education and Training Center (PLOPN), which later became a legal issue, was originally an initiative of the Directorate General of Sports of the Ministry of National Education in 2003-2004. At that time, there was indeed a need for a sports education and training center in preparation for the development of international-level national athletes.

Based on a 2004 study, there were five choices of locations namely Karawang, Cariu, Bogor, Cibinong, Cikarang, and Hambalang Hill. The construction has received an in-principle permit from the Regent of Bogor on July 19, 2004, regarding the determination of the location for the construction of the PLOPN building in Hambalang with an area of approximately 30 hectares on behalf of the Director General of Sports. This development was then transferred to the authority of the State Ministry of Youth and Sports in 2007, and there was a change in the name from PLOPN to Center for Development and Development of National Sports Achievements (PPPPON).

This case was widely discussed because of allegations of corruption involving many parties involved, including the Democratic Party elite to officials in ministries in budget approval and permits. Based on the DPR’s request, the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) began conducting an examination of the Hambalang case since February 27 2012 with the aim of calculating losses and seeing the relationship between parties who have authority, but unfortunately the Audit Results Report (LHP) was only submitted on August 28 2013. One of the results stated that state losses reached IDR 463.6 billion.


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