A Complaint Mechanism for Public Service Delivery Based in Community Participation

This book was written to provide understanding to the public about the public service complaints mechanism based on community participation. Law Number 25 of 2009 provides more space for the public to participate in public service delivery.

This space is no longer just what can be done at each stage of planning, implementation and evaluation but is already based on detailed performance so that the public can measure and monitor directly how the performance of public service delivery is.

As part of the complaint mechanism as well as informing the assessment back to
service users and service providers, the Community Assessment report is one of the tools (tools) that are expected to be able to collect assessments of public service users.

In the context of regional development and community welfare, repair or improvement of services
public services that are carried out on the right track, have strategic value and are useful for increasing and developing investment and development. Both are carried out by the public and the private sector.

In his explanation, the author presents public services in the era of regional autonomy along with their problems. In this book the reader will be given instructions on how to set up a citizen information center (Community Center). Steps to complain about public services to examples in the regions.

As a complement, this book provides an example of Service Information at the Jeneponto Health Center, South Sulawesi. The discussion also explored the Ombudsman of the Republic of Indonesia.


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