Expanding the Networking, South Sulawesi FoINI Forms a Coalition with Makassar Civil Society

Although it has been a subject of discussion among various of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) since years ago, public information disclosure is still the main concern of those CSOs desiring the realization of transparent and accountable governance.

To fulfill this aspiration, the Makassar Legislative Monitoring Committee – Komite Pemantau Legislatif (KOPEL) Makassar – which is part of the Freedom of Information Network Indonesia (FoINI) of South Sulawesi – takes the initiative to expand their networking by inviting a number of people and organizations beyond the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to join the movement.

“The network is growing wider as we are starting to invite people and other organizations other than NGOs to join us, like the lecturers and students of universities in Makassar, research groups, student movements, and some members of Local Parliament who wish to be the part of this networking,” wrote Anwar Razak, the coordinator of the Advocacy Division of the Regional Financial Performance of Makassar Legislative Monitoring Committee (KOPEL Makassar) in an email to PATTIRO on Wednesday, 22 October 2014.

Moreover, as the realization of this public information disclosure movement particularly in local government, together with those supporters and organizations, the South Sulawesi FoINI formed a Coalition of Civil Society for an Honest and Transparent Parliament. The main focus is advocating people to refuse the Local Parliament’s intention to restrict public access to the parliament, which is marked by drafting the internal rules of Local Parliament containing a chapter stating that all Parliaments’ meeting are closed to the public.

To facilitate the advocacy, the South Sulawesi FoINI is going to hold a public discussion in Universitas Muhammadiyah Makassar on Thursday, 23 October 2014. Those who are scheduled to attend this event are the lecturers and students of UIN and UNHAS, NGOs, communities of civil society, and the members of Local Parliaments who support the coalition. Zaenal Arifin Muhtar from Pukat UGM, Dr. Adi Suryaddi Culla from UNHAS, and Prof. Marwan Mas from Universitas 45 will attend the discussion to deliver their opinion about the coalition’s main concern.

Furthermore, Anwar added that the South Sulawesi FoINI also encouraged all NGOs throughout the eastern Indonesia to form a coalition alike in hope of creating a petition to evoke the parliamentary disclosure. This petition will be later sent to the Ministry of Internal Affairs as well as the media.

Just few days earlier  on 19 October 2014, the South Sulawesi FoINI organized a discussion and consolidation regarding the public information disclosure exclusive for the civil societies and the university students in Makassar that ended well. They even hoped that the South Sulawesi FoINI would regularly convene the media and the governmental institutions to discuss the public information disclosure issue.


Writer: Ega Rosalina

Editor: Nanda Sihombing


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