Monitoring Village Finance and Development Module

modul pelatihan pengawasan pembangunan dan keuangan desa

The enactment of Law Number 6 Year 2014 on Village is expected to bring significant change in village governance and development. Because of the existence of this Law, the village government and its people have more space and opportunity to develop their village in accordance with their needs as stated in the Village Medium Term Development Plan.

With the implementation of the law, the villages now have the discretion to manage their own budget. This is actually a new thing for the village government as well as its people. The implementation of this law will be also challenging for both of them. People should put more concern on this increase in authority and the substantial funds managed by the village, particularly regarding the prevention of deviations in managing the village fund. If these deviations happen, the goal of the village development will not be achieved and the corruption ‘disease’ will infect the village government and the people. Therefore, public participation is crucially needed especially in monitoring the village development and its finance.

The Monitoring on Village Finance and Development Module is one of PATTIRO’s contributions to the people of the villages throughout Indonesia. PATTIRO hopes that by utilizing this book, the people of the villages will have the ability to monitor the village development and village finance. Thus, it is expected that people’s prosperity that becomes the main goal of the village fund disbursement will be achieved.

To download the book (in Bahasa Indonesia), please click this link:


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