Reorganizing Village Plan and Village Area

Oleh: Ardhi Maulana Fajrin*

160330_636167_petani_di_sawah_dlWith the enactment of Village Law, Village has been amended to organize village administration. The change will affect the performance of village government. As been discussed in the meetings, now village plan is under village authority. But until now, there are still major obstacles in the implementation of the village plan mechanism.

Until the end of May 2015, there is no village funds were disbursed because the central government requires various planning documents need to be resolved[1]. This is become a challenge for the village and the government to be able to push bureaucracy in village government with various quality and quantity of human resources in each village. Whereas Village Mid-Term Development Plan (RPJM) document is the only basic document to formulate Respective Annual Budget (APBDes)[2].

The Flow of Village RPJM Formulation
The Flow of Village RPJM Formulation

Source: Home Affairs Minister Decree Number 114 Year 2014

In Home Affairs Minister Decree number 114 Year 2004 about guidance of village development written steps in village development plan. Here is a brief summary of the stages of formulation Village Development Plan.

1. Establishment of Drafting Team
Village RPJM team formed and established by head of Village. The drafting team comprised of head of village, the village secretary, chairman of community development agencies and society. Drafting team minimum 7 peoples and maximum 11 peoples. Drafting team task are 1.) Align the direction of development for the Regency/City; 2.)Assessment of the state of the village; 3.)Preparation of Village RPJM draft; 4.)Accomplishment of Village RPJM draft.

2. Alignment of Policy Directions in City/District Development
This activity aims to integrate the development programs and activities Regency/City and village development. This alignment is done the Drafting Team with information about the direction of development for the district/city. The final output of this activity is to make the data format of the Drafting Team program planning and development activities that will go into the village.

3. Circumstances of village Assessment
Assessment of the state of the village is done in order to consider the objective conditions of the village. These activities include 1.)Alignment of villages; 2.)Excavation idea of society; and 3.)Preparation the results of village assessment report. The result of assessment activities is a report on the assessment of the state of the village. This report will be submitted to the village chief to then be delivered to the Village Consultative Body (BPD).

4. The Arrangement of Village Development Plan through Sub-district Consultative (Musdes)
Subdistrict consultative discusses and agrees about 1.)Assessment result of village conditions report; 2.)The formulation of development policy based on the vision and mission from Head of Village and 3.)Priority actions plan of village administration, village development, village community development and community empowerment. The agreement will be a guideline for Village government in arranging Village RPJM.

5. The Arrangement of Village RPJM Plan
The next task of drafting team is arranging Village RPJM plan based on the agreement that is written in the official report. The output of this activity is making a draft format of Village RPJM plan. The draft must be approved by head of Village and then, implement in Regional Development Planning Forum (Musrenbang).

6. Arranging Village Development Plan through Regional Development Planning Forum (Musrenbang)
In this stage, head of Village held Regional Development Planning Forum (Musrenbang) to discuss and agreed Village RPJM plan. The forum attended by Village Government, Village Consultative Body (BPD), and society. This plan forum discuss and agree with Village RPJM plan.

7. Determination and Changing of Village RPJM
After discussing in the previous forum, drafting team improving Village RPJM plan based on agreement result. After that, Head of Village arrange Village regulation plan draft. Head of Village can change Village only in case of special event, such as natural disaster, politic crisis, economic crisis or there is fundamental change of government policy.

Planning stages is already quiet simple. It starting from data collection, analysis, and planning. But, one thing to be consider in this planning is avoiding complicated bureaucracy process so that it does not impact to high cost plan. Weak understanding and capacity of Village government can covered by giving example of appropriate implementation. Hence, it needs initiative and willingness from all parties to start the planning. From these example, both Village government and central government can learn and apply the planning.

[1] Rahman, Erman A. 2015. Implikasi Undang-Undang Desa terhadap Anggaran Negara dan Daerah,hal 18.

*The Author is Architectural and Planning Engineering student, Gadjah Mada University who finished internship in PATTIRO.




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