Law Annotation Book No. 30 of 2014 on Government Administration

Cover Buku-Anotasi-UU-Administrasi-PemerintahanLaw No. 30 of 2014 on Government Administration (State Gazette of 2014 Number 292) is one of the laws supporting bureaucratic reform and good governance. This law provides the legal basis for governance, maintains the relationship between government officials and citizens, and creates improved, transparent and efficient bureaucracy. Thus, this Law is not only a legal umbrella for governance, but also an instrument to improve the quality of government service to the society.

The formal process of deliberation of the Law (then Bill) on Government Administration (RUU AP) began after President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono sent Presidential Letter (Supres) no. R.04/Presiden/01/2014 dated 17 January 2014 to the House of Representatives. In his letter, President appointed the Minister of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform (KemenPAN-RB), the Minister of Home Affairs, the Minister of Justice and Human Rights, and the Minister of Finance to represent the Government in the process of discussion, either individually or together.


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