EXECUTIVE SUMMARY | The Urgency of a Regional Incentive Fund for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (DID-KGPP)

2021.04.16.Ringkasan Eksekutif DID KGPP_Page_1The level of progress in gender development is measured through the Gender Development Index (IPG) and the Gender Empowerment Index (IDG).

IPG is the ratio between HDI for women and men, where the closer to 100, the lower the gap in human development values between women and men with indicators of life expectancy, average length of schooling, and annual expenditure per capita.

The Gender Empowerment Index (IDG) measures the extent of gender equality in terms of active roles in politics, decision-making, and the economy with indicators of women’s representation in parliament, women as professionals and contribution to income.

The 2020-2024 RPJMN has targeted an increase in the Gender Development Index (IPG) from the 2018 score (baseline) of 90.99 to 91.39 in 2024. Meanwhile, the Gender Empowerment Index (IDG) is targeted to increase from the 2018 score (baseline) of 72.10 to 74.72 in 2024. These RPJMN targets have been included in the outcome indicators of the Ministry of PPPA’s Strategic Plan for 2020-2024. Further detailed information can be read in the executive summary below.


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