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SOLO – Public services in a number of villages and districts in the city of Solo found still bad. Residents complain about the condition of public service both to the behavior of workers thes service when accessing public services.

This conclusion is the result of research by the Center for Information and Regional Studies (PATTIRO) Solo against a number of respondents were drawn at random. Sampling was conducted on 300 people drawn from five districts in Solo. “The results of the research we’ve done around July, nearly 50% of respondents complained about public service,” said activist PATTIRO Alif Basuki accompanied by members of other PATTIRO told reporters in a press conference on Thursday (08/11/2012).

Alif said complaints about public services such as thes timeliness or services, the cost of manufacturing authorization certainty the identity (ID) or another population administration. Besides the ability and behavioral problems, and the convenience of the officers in the public service.

Inaccuracy of time, for example, he said, some public service units already installed service appointment completed a few hours. But the practice, the more of the specified services. “The procedure is not clear exactly alternating so residents should complete the requirements.’s What makes the service is not timely,” he said.

In addition, Alif said residents Solo knowledge of the rights of the public services is still very low. As a result, only 15% of respondents were aware of their rights in the public service. Though their rights stipulated in Law No. 25 of 2009.

PATTIRO Director of Solo, Joko Andwi adding one cause of the ignorance of citizens to their rights is the lack of socialization of the Act. “Not knowing, the people never to supervise the care they receive,” he said.

In fact, he said the suggestion box in the public service centers are empty. Though the box was to provide advice on services received. For this condition, it will make the car or car complaints complaints. The car will capture the public keluah complaints.

He named seven sites targeted include Ngarsopuro, the Car Free Day, South Square, Manahan, Banjarsari Monument, Garden Balekambang to City Hall. This activity will be held on 11 November to 2 December. “The results will be submitted to the City Government to then ditindalnjuti Which is still considered to be complaints in the community,” he said. []




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