Slow Complaints Service, Publics Choose Mass Media

SEMARANG — The survey integrity of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) be a blow to local government and related agencies. Sapta government program echoed just a slogan.

How could I not? One program that is set on increasing public service. However, the results of the KPK instead put the bottom of Semarang number four of the 60 cities surveyed.

PATTIRO activict, Aryanto Nugroho said, even though the survey was conducted in 2011, the condition of this year is not much different.

He gave the example of local government programs on the formation of the Public Service Grievance Center (P5). The agency is intended as a quick reaction team to citizen complaints. “But its presence was not felt residents. Do people know the existence of the P5? I think not, ” he said on Friday (23/11).

He then refers to public complaints that are often expressed in the media. The question is whether the complaint was directly addressed by the government. He did not.

Aryanto confirmed, there is a difference with the assessment of the Commission made another institution. If other institutions often judge based solely norm, not the Commission. KPK survey directly to the service recipients.

“The KPK is not only assess whether there was a written rule, for example, in the office of the service there was the word ‘prohibited gleaning’ or other. Commission immediately asked the recipients of services, and the result, the value of the integrity of the city is very far below the national average.”

About the service in the land sector, less than satisfactory experience often experienced by the notary. One was the Chairman of the Board of Semarang District Notary Association, Ngadino.

According to him, taking care of behind the name and the breakdown of the land certificate takes much longer than it should. For example, behind the new name could be finished within 1.5-2 months. For solving even land titles to four months.

“It is difficult for notary work. If the matter in BPN rapid completion, we promptly deliver to the client, “said the man who has been a notary public since 12 years ago.

However, he said, it’s still understandable. The reason was due to inadequate infrastructure factors. “I know, that lack infrastructure. In fact, many people who need the service. It’s perfectly natural, but I hope in the future there is an improvement, ” he said.

Head of the Land Office of Semarang Priyono stated, the Commission assessment of the public service to be a whip for institutions to work better. Only, it deplored the Semarang City Land Office representatives who attended the Seminar on the Prevention of Corruption in the building Grhadika Praja Bakti, the governor’s office, Thursday (22/11) was not given an opportunity to clarify the Commission assessment.

In the seminar, the institution was highlighted related service procedures, customer cost certainty, discipline and responsibility of officials, and environmental comfort. In fact, the current conditions are far different from the assessment of the Commission.

“We will not deny the Commission assessment. Of course we do change for the better. Let people judge the condition of the Land Office of Semarang, “said Priyono in his office on Friday (23/11).

According to him, the ministry of Semarang Land Office in the era of 2010 had assessed the worst in Indonesia. The results of this assessment were reported in 2011, since then the improvement continues. Since the former head of the Land Office of Semarang Indarto, standard operating procedures (SOPs) have been installed in front of his office. In fact, the form has been distinguished as requested as well as the demands of ministry are SOP.

He said he explained that his office has been equipped with its own toilet facilities and Musala. Regarding the map, facilitated cooperative procurement office for a fee of Rp 7,500. It was enacted to facilitate the identity of the applicant.

As is known, the number of applications for registration of land in the city of Semarang could reach 20 thousand files / month. These are among the highest in Indonesia. In Jakarta, the land registration application files only 5,000 / month.

Map is to facilitate and accelerate customer service. “When the Commission assessment, I had three days served in the Land Office of Semarang. Officer KPK standby since at 08.00, when we were doing an apple in the morning, ” said Priyono new chairman for the past two months.

Serial number is also there so that no form of discrimination in services. To improve service, there are 16 CCTV cameras installed in various points. Going forward, it plans to approach the media so that the changes that have been made in the office can be socialized.

It confirmed the fare transportation, accommodation, and consumption to the applicant. However, this is in conformity with Article 20 of Government Regulation No. 13/2010 concerning Types and Tariffs or the State Revenue Applicable in BPN.




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