PATTIRO: Provide a BOS Complaints Mechanism

SEMARANG – PATTIRO Semarang asked the Department of Education with the school provides a complaint mechanism for complaints alleged misuse of school operational funds (BOS).

“As long as there is never a complaint, because they do not have complaints mechanisms. Moreover, there are schools that do not have a complaints unit and no officers to complain,” said Chairman Tim System Integrity and Accountability Program PATTIRO Semarang, Dwi Yunita in Semarang, Tuesday.

She asserted that the complaint mechanism is necessary, moreover it is set in the revised Decree No. 37 of 2010 Chapter XI of the mechanisms of complaint to include schools as service providers are obliged to provide a complaint mechanism.

Provision of complaints mechanisms, further Dwi, may be a suggestion box in a public elementary school and junior high school or the website can provide a phone number or email as the distribution complaint.

“People are still reluctant suburban menggadu if you want to complain because of fear. Therefore necessary guarantees for those with complaints,” she said. Dwi added a complaint mechanism should also be open to the public mind, for example, posted on the school notice board.

Besides related complaints mechanisms, PATTIRO also highlights BOS disbursement has been done three months. “Should the BOS disbursement two terms, namely persemester, making it easier to report the school,” she said.

PATTIRO also support the Education Department Circular requiring Semarang BOS recipients announced financial report use of the funds. “We also hope Plan Budget of the School (School Budget) online can be realized,” said Dwi Yunita.




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