[Policy Discussion-I] RUU ASN, the Second Big Bang of Our Reformation

JAKARTA, 9 NOVEMBER 2012 – “The existence of the State Civil Aparatus Bill (RUU Aparatur Sipil Negara) is a marker for the ‘big bang’ both during the reform of our country,” said Sad Dian Utomo, Executive Director PATTIRO, when the policy-led discussions I held on Thursday, 9 November.

Discussions held by the Public Policy Unit, was held at PATTIRO, No 81 Jalan Intan West Cilandak. South Jakarta. Participants in these discussions is the experts of Parliament and NGO networks.

This topic is taken because the perceived urgency of the needs of the public at large to civil service reform. On the other hand, the public discourse about the ASN Bill is still low, the frequency of publicity and in understanding. In fact, the quality of public services by government agencies, one of the key factors, on the quality of service provider employees. So as NGOs that promote quality of government services to their peoples, PATTIRO interested in the passage of civil service reform promoted by the bill.

In early discussions, Iskandar (Policy Specialist) presented a review of the bill ASN slide early in the discussion process. Then proceed with the discussion of the guided-Iskandar-to develop an understanding of the subject material of this bill.

The participants, which came from INFID (Nikmah), IPC (Ahmad Hanafi), Field Media (Bejo Untung), and Parliement (Padang Kusumo), are generally enthusiastic to know about this bill. So it takes time to learn.

From the initial presentation and excavation staffing issues, it was agreed that this Bill is an important next step of reform and urgent. Especially for the improvement of public services, and reduce corruption and wastefulness of the state budget.

Unfortunately, resistance to this Bill actually comes from the government itself. That is from the Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) and Ministry of Finance (MoF). The reasons given by the two agencies is actually irrelevant. Just shows great importance weights.

Reason MoF, with the change of structure and agency personnel KASN will aggravate the budgetary burden on the state budget. So that would push public expenditures. The reason is quite reasonable, but the Ministry of Finance were also able to convey the optional arguments with simulation-related fiscal burden that budget.

For MOHA, there are 3 reasons cited.

First, the organization ASN-which currently must be named Korpri-official organization. During this time a representative in chief Korpri Kemdagri and get a place in a structural position in any agency. So the position is equated with the echelon II, in the central government. While in the area, Korpri synchronized with Echelon IIb.

And so far, Korpri not have clear functions and responsibilities. Its existence is not directly related to employee welfare. It also functions to channel the needs and interests of employees is unknown. Even by its own members, government officials.

This bill puts ASN organization as a non-Official organizations. And was rejected by MOHA.

Second, the objection of KASN. KASN objection is feared to reduce the authority of the President in determining echelon I officials and assessed will overlap with tupoksi BKN (National Employment Agency).

Actually this is just KASN sustainability of the mandate of the Civil Service Commission Act 43/1999. In Law 43/1999 on the amendment of Law No. 8 of 1974 on the Principles of Human Resources. However, ignoring the existence of the government itself, so until now, 13 years, the Commission was not well established.

Third, the objections to the idea of ​​cross-region mutations. This idea will strengthen jawanisasi assessed. Tribal ways of thinking which was still strong in MOHA should be eliminated. The concept of a unitary state is sued by reason MOHA.

Although there are challenges from the government, the bill from the House’s initiative should be supported. So that the participants in the discussion agreed to start rolling the advocacy actions and deepening understanding of the ASN Bill. Further meetings will be conducted next week, with a host of IPC, on Jl Teuku Cik Di Tiro No. 37A, Menteng. (ISK)




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