Productivity of Banten Parliament Considered Low

SERANG – Center for Regional Information and Studies (PATTIRO) Banten assess the productivity of members of parliament to make regulations in the form of regional regulations were considered low. Not to mention, the ones that are judged not to fit the needs of the public service.

“In producing regulations, Banten Parliament since 2009-2012 only produced 21 regulations. Annual average Banten Council produced five regulation. This indicates productivity Council issued a regulation in very low,” said Chairman of the Division of Public Services and Parliamentary PATTIRO Banten, Panji Bahari Noor Ramadan in a press release late last week.

In addition, he said, there is still draft regulations that are inconsistent with the needs of the public service and still only copy of the rules on it. This, raises outlook as a waste of the budget committee only. Not only from a regulatory function, of supervision and budgeting functions, roles and functions that are not maximal is coupled with elements of delinquency in the legislature is always absent in the meeting.

As is known, as many as 13 in the draft legislative program area (prolegda) 2013. Of the 18 draft, the draft is a proposed five initiatives proposed parliament and eight governors. Five draft Council initiative, the establishment of the draft Financing Reserve Fund for Regional Development Bank Establishment Banten, Empowerment, Protection of Women and Children Victims of Violence, Land Transfer Function, and the village government.

While the draft proposal of the governor, the formation of Limited Liability draft Regional Credit Guarantee Banten, Equity To Regional Credit Guarantee Company Limited Banten Province, Operation of Transport, Groundwater Management, Implementation of the Regional Disaster Management and establishment of PT Banten Regional Development Bank.

Earlier, Chairman of the Local Legislation (Balegda) Banten Sanuji Pentamarta Council promised, in 2013 these 13 incoming prolegda 2013 draft could be discussed thoroughly and passed into regulation. “I’m optimistic that can be achieved. Provided, no delay in the submission of the draft draft,” he said.

Head of Legal Banten province Samsir said the governor’s draft proposal that will be submitted to Parliament, the draft Establishment of Regional General Hospital Banten, Banten Levy Health Service hospitals. “Hopefully we submitted in February already. Draft draft legislation was prepared. However, the discussion draft also related to the budget,” he said.




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