The Right To Know, For The Information Needed

Duration: 12:39
RIGHT TO KNOW, where people have the right to the information they need. Information Fragment of Guaranteed Delivery Funding from Village Midwives. UU no. 14 of 2008 guarantees services for information to the public.

The short film entitled “Tong Was-Was” (Don’t Worry) tells the story of the people’s anxieties about not knowing about government aid programs. This confusion then turned into hope when Law Number 14 of 2008 concerning Public Information Disclosure guaranteed service of information to the public.

In the film, the case taken is the public’s ignorance of the Maternity Funding Guarantee program (Jampersal). So far, not a few poor pregnant women are not aware of the existence of this program. The cost is quite expensive, coupled with limited access to health services, making childbirth with the help of a traditional healer an option. The right to information guarantees citizens to know any public information including government assistance for childbirth costs. Every pregnant woman is anxious (don’t worry) about her delivery. They can ask the village midwife about guaranteed financing for childbirth.

Through this film, we from the Center for Research and Regional Information (PATTIRO) West Bandung in collaboration with The Center for Law and Democracy (CLD) Canada are trying to promote openness of public information with the aim of strengthening people at the grassroots. Communities must know about rights to information. This is because it is guaranteed by law in this republic.

Taking place in Cililin District, West Bandung, the film, which was produced in February 2013, involves all players from local residents who are members of the West Bandung honorary school teacher communication forum. The hope is that this film can become a vehicle to raise public awareness of the right to information.




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