Our Money, Our Responsibility

Why Civil Society Groups need to drill down and tracking public expenditures budget?

Sometimes government officials confuse to differentiate between public money and their own money.”

– Budget Advocacy Activists- Uganda)

Our Money Our Responsibility-  Bahasa version

If I give my child 10 rupees then I ask my son to go to the market for shopping with that money, When he came home, I would ask my son to give report he spent. This is same thing with the government. If government spending with my money, I am entitled to ask them to provide budget expenditure report? “

( Susheela Devi, India woman, September 1996 )

Public budget is one of the important issues addressed by the government. Public budget involves many issues, from education to health care, to the tax that significantly related to people’s lives. In the last decade the world witnessed an explosion of citizen and civil society group’s interest in public budget issue, either through budget analysis, public education and advocacy. Generally it focuses on the preparation and adoption of the budget.

Uang kami, tanggung Jawab kami is bahasa version from original book Our Money, Our Responsibility. It provides some ideas and the basic tools needed by civil society groups in budget expenditure monitoring. Each of these sections of the book consists of three chapters. The first section presents an overview of the stages of the budget process. The second chapter presents a case study that details the methodology used by civil society groups to test, analyze, and monitor government budgets. The third chapter presents a brief case study of success civil society budget work. This guide also discusses on budget advocacy conducted by 18 organizations around the world.


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