Resident of Sigerongan Plan to visit an Asset Office

Dozens of Sigerongan villagers will go to the public asset office of West Lombok next Monday (22/7) after chaotic asset management happened in the villages concerned.

Head of Bungpas Barat village Mr. Musabah said the overlapping of land status in the village quite a lot happened. It estimated amounts to 20 acres.These lands under disputes status, also until now dare not utilized. As a climax, this land issue had even led former of head village stayed in the jail.

“The origin of these lands is still not clear. But governments claimed it is government asset, “he said on Thursday (18/7).

These unclear land statuses mostly lie around the new village office. Therefore, residents around the site asked the government to ensure the clarity of the status of the land and not easy to claim said Musibah

This musabah’s statement was presented during Regional Studies and Information Center (PATTIRO) roundtable discussion at Sigerongan village office. The theme of discussion concerning and questioning on an access to information services and public services in West Lombok.

During discussion PATTIRO activist Ms. Nurjanah asserted and committed to give any support for residents.  From the discussion the participants formulated a number of steps to initiate some citizen activities.

Among other things, residents are reminded to ask for clarity of land document that it involves trading documents and land ownership.

PATTIRO then realizing these step by having people sent a letter to the Office of Asset. Residents planned to come to the office. “So, we come on Monday,” said Nurjanah.

Beside planning to request land documents, PATTIRO also provide advocacy about the importance of access to public information and worthy public services for citizens

Activists of Civil Society Network (JMS) West Lombok Rianawati Yuni said, access to information and public services for citizens is absolute. JSM research result showing that since five years ago, JMS found an unfavorable  public service system in West Lombok

Based on the findings a public service which is considered quite severe was in the education and health sectors. But lately, the condition is considered to be relatively better.

Source: Radar Lombok, July 20, 2013