The Dispute Information was registered to NTB Information Commission

NTB Information Commission began received a dispute information request submitted by the public.

On Friday, July 26, 2013 Forum Wanita Mandiri – the Independent Women’s Forum (FORWANI) North Lombok, represented by Nuri Muliana invoke the dispute information because the requested information addressed to the Health Department was not granted. The Requested information is list of target recipient data and number of health insurance (JAMKESMAS), andĀ  the development of budget allocation details of Puskesmas- Health CenterĀ Ā  Dangiang Village.

At the same time the dispute information was also submitted by Solidaritas Masyarakat untuk Transparansi (SOMASI) or peopleā€™s Solidarity for Transparency that was represented by Mr.Saharudin. The dispute information submitted is relating to an information requested by SOMASIĀ  to the Finance Department in the form of NTBĀ  Budget in 2013, the regional government’s Revenue and dividend management of PT. DMB with multiple capital during 2010-2012 period, and revenue share and Funds Management Section in the Mining Sector in 2010-2013 period.

Saharudin also filed a dispute againstĀ  an information applied submitted to the NTB Public Works Agency (Dinas PU) which contains ofĀ  Renja SKPDĀ  (working plan on education) in 2013, DPA 2013 and RKA 2013