Dompu 2013 APBD Pocket Book


Through this APBD pocket book, it is proof of the commitment of the Regional Government of Dompu Regency to carry out transparency and public accountability.

The regional financial tightening policy (APBD) is based on the concept of money follow functions, namely the management of regional finances in an economical, effective, efficient, transparent and accountable manner implemented in a performance-based budgeting system.buku-saku-dompu3

The demand for public accountability requires local governments to take a form of accountability for the performance of local governments to the public. With this public accountability, it is hoped that the community can provide a constructive response to the activities and financial performance of the local government.

Regional governments based on Law Number 32 of 2004 have an autonomous policy that is directed at accelerating the realization of community welfare through improving services, empowering and community participation.


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