Restoring People’s Rights – Nahdliyyin Center Pekalongan


The role of Nahdlatul Ulama is very important in carrying out advocacy, assisting people to access public services and giving control to the existing umara (government). The movement carried out by the Nahdliyyin Center in Pekalongan City is one of them innovation to return NU to become a real “people’s fighter”. That is a movement that is directly in contact with the people of the mustadl’afin.

NU’s work is actually social work that cannot be done individually. But the work that must be done collectively (jama’ah), namely guiding the people in the nation, state, building the people’s economy, health and education. One thing is it must be understood, the existence of jam’iyyah (organization) is only possible if there are citizens (jama’ah). Residents are one of the pillars of jam’iyyah apart from the priest (administrator), common goal, and rules of the game.


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