Press Release: Establishes BPK Honorary Council for the Objectivity of BPK’s Investigation Audit Report on the Hambalang Project

The form of the BPK Honorary Council
for the Objectivity of the BPK Investigation Audit Report on the Hambalang Project

Public trust in BPK is at stake. The BPK’s investigative audit report on the P3SON Project – known as the Hambalang Project – has even sparked controversy. Instead of providing a clear path for public knowledge and law enforcement, the BPK even invited public questions, when it stated that the BPK’s Audit Report was classified as confidential information.

The reasons stated, Article 7 paragraph (1) of Law Number 14 of 2008 concerning Public Information Disclosure prohibits the BPK from submitting the Report to the public.

The current widespread suspicion is that the BPK Investigative Audit Report has undergone revisions and reductions, so that its objectivity as a valid and professional audit examination is questionable. The public cannot be blamed. This allegation is a reaction to the secrecy carried out by the BPK in its report.

PATTIRO assesses that BPK’s closed attitude, whatever the reason, tends to strengthen public opinion that BPK is no longer capable of being independent as a high state institution. BPK is so easy and vulnerable to interference by political interests that are disturbed by the results of the examination of the Report. If the public opinion is correct, in fact the BPK is hitting the gate of its own house. The BPK Regulation No. 1 of 2011 concerning the BPK Code of Ethics states emphatically, that BPK members are prohibited from trying to change audit findings, opinions, conclusions, and recommendations on audit results with something that is not in accordance with the facts at the time of the audit, causing the audit report to be inconsistent. objective (see Article 8 paragraph (2) letter h BPK Regulation No. 1 of 2011).

This public opinion strengthened when the mass media found that the names of 15 (fifteen) DPR members had been omitted from the BPK Audit Report. This is different from the BPK Investigative Audit Results Draft Report circulating in the mass media.

In order to provide clarity to the public, as well as to maintain credibility and prestige as a State Higher Institution, PATTIRO encourages BPK to immediately form and hold a BPK Honorary Council Session. The aim is to ascertain whether there has been a reduction in the objectivity of the contents of the Phase-II Hambalang Investigative Audit Report. It is this Honorary Council that will conduct a search for the truth of the objectivity of the Audit Report. This assembly will decide whether the absence of the names of the 15 DPR members was due to no criminal indications being found or due to a reduction in the objectivity of the examination results.

This Press Release was delivered ahead of September 28 Know-A-Day and a public discussion Questioning the Objectivity of the BPK Investigation Audit on Hambalang on Tuesday, September 17 2013.

For further inquiries please contact Alamsyah Saragih email and Sad Dian Utomo email

Jakarta, 16 September 2013

Sad Dian Utomo
PATTIRO Executive Director




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