PATTIRO Annual Meeting 2016: Increasing of Involving Issues and The Changing of PATTIRO Tagline

DSC_0022PATTIRO was held strategic plan discussion meeting 2016-2018 and working meeting 2016 on 19-21 January 2016 at Villa Ratu, Ciawi Bogor. All of PATTIRO activist and some of PATTIRO Raya representatives were attended and involved actively in the meeting. The representatives of PATTIRO Raya are activists from PATTIRO Semarang, PATTIRO Pekalongan, PATTIRO Surakarta, PATTIRO Jeneponto, PATTIRO Gresik, dan PATTIRO Banten. The meeting was opened by PATTIRO founding board, Syahrir Wahab.

 One of the important decisions of this year meeting is PATTIRO will increasing the involvement of issues in order to influence the governance. These issues are: the management of public budgets focuses on gender and children, anti-corruption, and climate change adaptation. Therefore, PATTIRO will design the products of knowledge that can be understood by the community related the issues and also build a partnership with the universities to improve the quality of information and conform the academic standards.

Not just increasing the involvement, in the end of meeting agenda there is changing of PATTIRO tagline. The previous tagline, Synergize The Action, Lead the Change change to Synergy for Change. This new tagline is expected to represent more the characteristic of PATTIRO.




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