PATTIRO Director: Revision of UU ASN is Premature

PATTIRO-MenolakRUUASN-MetroTV, Jakarta:  Director of PATTIRO Maya Rostanty (Tanty) rejected the proposal to revise the State Civil Apparatus Law (UU ASN). Tanty considered the plan as premature, as the Law itself was only enacted in 2014.

“We believe that this proposal for revision is premature,” she asserted when visiting the MetroTV complex in Kedoya, West Jakarta, 22 August 2017.

Tanty explained that the DPR, as the initiator of the discourse should give some opportunity to the government to implement the Law, rather than revising it. Further, not all supporting government regulations have been finished.

“It is better if the supporting regulations (GRs) are published and the Law is implemented first. Otherwise, the revision should only be done after the implementation of the Law. It has not been implemented,” Tanty said.

The revision is also considered to be an obstacle to bureaucratic reform, which is one of the main programs of President Joko Widodo-Vice President Jusuf Kalla’s administration. Eradication of corruption, collusion, and nepotism in the bureaucracy will be negatively affected if the reform is derailed by regulations.

One significant point is the abolition of the KASN. In fact, the institution was formed to oversee the merit system. The merit system oversees ASN management policies based on qualifications, competencies and performance.

In addition, Tanty explained, that the DPR also focuses on the automatic appointment of honorary employees as civil servants. Such a concern from the DPR for the fate of these employees raises the suspicion that this issue has been politicized, with the political year coming soon.

Automatic appointment of honorary employees can also create a new burden for the government. “If the revision is accepted, it will increase the burden of state finances. It also hurts the merit system, (where) everyone has to participate in the selection,” said Tanty.

PATTIRO Program Manager Wawanudin also mentioned that in the revision, the abolition of the KASN would return the authority and function to KemenPAN-RB. At least, there are 19 articles to be deleted.

Wawan thinks it would be very bizarre if KemenPAN-RB oversees itself.

The supervisor, Wawan explained, should be independent and neutral to ensure the merit system is running well. Wawan is worried about the fate of the merit system when executed by elements who are also within the scope of ASN.