NGO coalition urged that the candidates’ names for The Central Information Commission (KIP) Commissioner should open for Public

koalisiWorking period of The Central Information Commission commissioner (KIP) will ended next June 2, 2013. Activists from the Center for Regional Studies and Information (PATTIRO), Bejo Untung revealed, until now the selection process of commissioners candidate is in the hands of president for pursing to 21 names.

“If the tenure ended, the whole disputed information become “a big question” he said representing NGO’s coalition ( Coalition that work for freedom of information Act advocacy) at Harian Republika Thursday (30/5).

In addition to the clarity of commissioner status, Bejo Untung also highlights the selection process. From March 2013, the Selection Committee (Pansel) haven’t opened yet the 21 names that  were submitted to the President.

“Even, there are 28 submitted names that follow the customs last year,” he said. It asked for the candidate names was opened by the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kemkominfo). According to Bejo , Kemkominfo claims will divulge the names of candidates after submitting  to president.

Activist from Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW), Tama S Langkun said the coalition have contributed in the process selection of candidates. Based on independent research conducted by Pansel said “But when we asked for information, the ministry closed,” he said.

He said he asked the president to learn from the slow pace of commissioner’s election of the National Commission on Human Rights and the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI).




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