Survey in 18 Ministries: Public Service is still poor

Lack of clarity on service period triggers bribery.

“If it can be slowed down why it must be accelerated.”

pelayan publikPublic services in several Ministries related to compliance with the Public Service Act No. 25 /2009 are still apprehensive. According to the recent survey conducted Ombudsman of the Republic of Indonesia.

Chief of Ombudsman Danang Girindrawardana in a press release, yesterday, stated that 42.9% of the service unit in 18 ministries surveyed did not displaying the service time standard.

“In fact, it is very important in order to ensure a maximum service. Especially among unit public service which surveyed, mostly associated to the licensing unit, “he said.

He stated that such conditions will lead jobs being stretched them off and there is no definite completion time. By doing so, the slogan “If it can be slowed down why it must be accelerated.” which has been criticized even potentially lasting.

According to Danang, the service time standard is very important because there is clarity in task completion.  Ranging from the furnishing of technical requirements and administrative service until the completion of a process.

Danang said, other than not displaying the service time standard, there are 32.1% that did not install the unit cost of service information. It can lead the official of public services to commit bribery.

“In fact, the transparency conducted to reduce a personal meeting between service recipients and service providers in order to do not receive direct payments,” he said.

“Payments can be accepted by managing finances unit  or bank appointed by the government or the service unit.”

In the survey, there are nine variables highlighted, which are the standard of service, service announcement, public information systems, human resources, complaints unit, special service, vision, mission and motto, ISO 9001:2008, and attributes.

In an appraisal made there are three categories, namely red, yellow, and green. Red means the ministry does not comply with the Public Service Act, yellow means there is less good compliance, while green means good

Of the 18 ministries surveyed, there were 5 ministries categorized red, 4 ministries classified green and 9 other ministries categorized yellow. According to the plan, Danang will present the complete results of the survey today.

Seek a Legal Gap

Commenting on the results of a survey, public policy analyst Agus Pambagio say that it is not anything new.When he asked whether the non-compliance was merely negligence or even deliberately created. Agus assessed it can be both.

“If it was created, means that there is no intention since the beginning where they deliberately make people do not know, so it’s easy to manipulative things,” he explained.

“When people don’t know, they just follow. If the service over time, they will pay or will be patience, “he added.

Agus believes there is a tendency of public officials or officers in the ministry who are not trying to obey the rules. They, he said prefer to seek a legal gap for their own interests.

Ombudsman has sent the results of the survey to the relevant ministries on Thursday (18/7). However, it is unclear whether the report will be followed up immediately. (X-4) (Quoted by Media Indonesia, Monday, July 22, 2013)