PATTIRO Book Bazaar

In response to many book requests, throughout the month of November 2015, PATTIRO will share hundreds of books we have produced for free to those who are interested. For you who want you to have the books, you can come directly to PATTIRO Office on Jalan Mawar, Komplek Kejaksaan Agung Blok G 35, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta. Should you have no time to come to our office, PATTIRO will help you by sending the requested book to the address you provide us. However, PATTIRO will not cover the delivery cost.

Before that, you have to fill out the Book Request Form and send it to our email with “Book Request” as the email subject. Soon after you send us the email, our team will take care of your request. Should you need more information or have any query, please contact Ibu Neneng Sukiyatun (PATTIRO General Affair Officer) at (021) 780-1314.

Below are the titles of PATTIRO books you can get:

  1. Guideline for Building Citizen Capacity
  2. Research on Accountability and Integrity
  3. Procurement Impact Assessment
  4. School Accountability
  5. Guideline for Multi-Stakeholders Social Audit
  6. Introduction to Understanding Economic, Social, and Cultural Right
  7. Documentation and Information Management Officer (PPID) Module
  8. Budget Advocacy Training Module for CSO
  9. Think Thank Management
  10. Citizen Report Card Training Module for CSO
  11. Gender-Responsive Budgeting Advocacy Training Module