PATTIRO Annual Report 2017

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Not felt, PATTIRO has entered the age of 18 years. In terminology of human life maturity, 18 years old is the initial stage of maturity, which is reflected by changes in the way of thinking and behaving, especially in relation to oneself and the environment. Likewise with PATTIRO. As a civil society organization, we continue to improve the way we think, attitude and way of acting in order to increase PATTIRO’s efforts to contribute to creating good governance and community welfare, as well as realizing our vision as a center of excellence in regional governance (center of excellence in local governance).

This year also marks the second year of implementation of the PATTIRO Strategic Plan (2016-2018). Through the implementation of the strategic plan, we hope to have a guide that provides clear and strategic directions in order to realize PATTIRO’s vision and mission.

Various efforts have been made, especially by PATTIRO management and implementers through a series of programs and activities during 2017, both related to support for the community and for the government at the central and regional levels. These various efforts are summarized in three areas of PATTIRO, namely transparency, accountability of public services and reform of public financial management. These three can be said to be the determining factors for the realization of good governance.

If in the previous annual report, we have talked about our progress on the Village development theme, this year we are sharing with readers what and how PATTIRO has done in the area of public financial management reform, especially in relation to budget advocacy. We hope that what we convey can inspire readers, and provide encouragement for colleagues, especially in civil society organizations in increasing budget advocacy efforts so that a fair and prosperous public budget is realized.


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