Local Knowledge Conference: Findings and Challenges of Implementing Sea Sasi in Maluku

Sasi is a local wisdom mechanism used by indigenous peoples

PATTIRO Plans to Develop Applications for Information Providers and Hospital Room Providers

Two years of operation, the Social Security Administering Body (BPJS)

DPR Officially Passes Law on Persons with Disabilities

March 2016 is a month of victory for people with

Reorganizing Village Plan and Village Area

Oleh: Ardhi Maulana Fajrin* With the enactment of Village Law,

Synchronization of Village Plan with District Plan

Oleh: I Wayan Nike Suputra* Village is a part of system

“Check my Puskesmas”, Test Access to Puskesmas Services

By Nurjanah* “Cek Puskesmasku”, this Community Health Center (Puskesmas) service

PATTIRO Held a Public Discussion “100% Village Funds for Infrastructure?”

The Village Government refuses village funds policy entirely for infrastructure.

Village Rejects Policy on Using 100% Village Funds for Infrastructure

The first phase of 2016 village funds of around IDR

International Women’s Day, Women Begin to Actively Play a Role as Village Change Agents

International Women’s Day which falls today, March 8 2016, is

Village Does Not Lose

Oleh: Ardhi Maulana Fajrin* Opportunities in Sight The government has

Accountability of Village Government

By: I Wayan Nike Suputra* The Village Government is fear

Becoming Village Development Catalyst: Implementation of Asset-Based Development Experiences in East Indonesia

By: I Wayan Nike Suputra* In old development system, village became



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