Best Practice Management of Forestry Natural Resources Revenue Sharing Fund Reforestation Fund (DBH DR) in Support of Social Forestry in West Sumatra Province

Rapid Study Report | March 2021: Gender Issues in Social Forestry in West Nusa Tenggara Province

Research Report Studi | Sustainable Financing of National Parks through Establishment of Public Service Agencies

Study on Gender Responsive Climate Change BUDGETING

Policy Paper | Public Service Agency Status for National Parks for Sustainable Conservation Area Management

Fact Sheet | BLU Status to Optimize the Role of National Parks

Report Monitoring Result of Violations of Political Neutrality of ASN in 2019 General Election

Blitar Regency Budget Policy Study (Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management)

Disability Database Innovation (Review and Good Practices of Peduli Disabilitas Program Partners Phase 1 in Six Provinces)

Citizen Voices, Community Solutions : Designing Better Transparency and Accountability Approaches to Improve Health

Indonesia’s Village Law: enabler or constraint for more accountable governance?

Community Assessment Survei on Basic Service in Manokwari District



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