PATTIRO Annual Report 2017

Public Service for Persons with Disabilities (A Review of Good Practices and Innovation from Partners of the Peduli Pilar Disabilitas Phase 1 Program (2015-2016) in Five Provinces in the Public Service Sector)

Disability Database Innovation (Review and Good Practices of Peduli Disabilitas Program Partners Phase 1 in Six Provinces)

EXECUTIVE REVIEW| On the Eradication of Tuberculosis in 4 Regencies/ Cities

PATTIRO Annual Report 2016

Citizen Voices, Community Solutions : Designing Better Transparency and Accountability Approaches to Improve Health

Indonesia’s Village Law: enabler or constraint for more accountable governance?

(ID) Policy Paper | Menimbang Revisi UU ASN dan Dampaknya Terhadap Sistem Merit di Indonesia

Annotation of Law No. 30 of 2014 on Government Administration

Policy Brief | Empowerment of BPD to Strengthen Village Democracy

Fight Together | PATTIRO experience in Assistance and Advocacy Policy Towards Disability-Friendly Public Service.

Policy Brief | Fulfillment of the Right to Population Administration and Civil Registration Services of Persons with Difabilities



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